Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

Sinclair Pharma understands the increasing importance of corporate responsibility and strives to consider the interests of all the Group’s stakeholders, including its investors, employees, customers, suppliers and business partners, in the management of its business.


Sinclair Pharma is committed to complying with environmental legislation and minimising the impact of its activities on the environment. Sinclair Pharma considers that its activities have a low environmental impact. The Company complies fully with UK environmental legislation.

Ethical and social policies

Sinclair Pharma ‘s principal activities are undertaken within the pharmaceutical industry which is subject to a highly regulated ethical framework with which the Company complies. In addition, Sinclair Pharma seeks to conduct its activities generally in accordance with good business ethics.

Health and safety

Sinclair Pharma has established a Health and Safety Committee to consider health and safety standards within the Company on an ongoing basis Sinclair Pharma considers health and safety to be a priority in its workplaces. The Company has a first class safety record and there have been no major incidents or accidents to report to the Health and Safety Committee. Sinclair Pharma has provided training to individuals who are responsible for health and safety. SinclairPharma continues to keep environment and health and safety practices under review.

Family-friendly employment policies

The maternity leave and maternity pay policy conforms with statutory requirements. Flexible approaches to return to work after maternity leave, and part-time or non-standard hours and work patterns are considered where viable. Sinclair Pharma has adopted a paternity leave policy in line with UK legislation.


Sinclair Pharma recognises that its employees are one of its biggest assets and seeks to communicate and, where appropriate, consult with them on matters affecting them as employees, in the most appropriate manner. Sinclair Pharma is committed to achieving equality of opportunity in all its employment practices, policies and procedures. Employees are highly valued and their rights and dignity are respected. The Company does not tolerate any harassment or discrimination. Sinclair Pharma practises equal treatment of all employees or potential employees irrespective of their race, creed, colour, sexual orientation, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, disability, age, gender or marital status. The equal opportunities policy covers all permanent and temporary employees (including non-executive directors), all job applicants, agency staff, associates, consultants and contractors. The Group also endeavours to be honest and fair in its relationships with customers and suppliers and to be a good corporate citizen, respecting the laws of the countries in which it operates.

Disabled employees

Applications for employment by disabled persons are always fully considered, bearing in mind the aptitudes of the applicant concerned. With regard to existing employees and those who may become disabled, Sinclair Pharma’s policy is to examine ways and means to provide continuing employment under its existing terms and conditions and to provide training and career development, including promotion, wherever appropriate.

The Company believes that having entrusted responsible employees who display sound judgement and awareness of the consequences of their decisions and actions, and who act in an ethical and responsible way, is fundamental to the success of the business.

Supplier Code Statement

By following this Statement, Sinclair Pharma is able to make informed decisions about current and prospective suppliers and partners, allowing the monitoring of these same standards within supply chains.

Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy

It is our policy to conduct our business in an honest and ethical manner. Bribery and corruption are illegal.

Anti Facilitation on Tax Evasion Statement

This statement explains Sinclair Pharma’s stance and actions relating to Anti-Facilitation of Tax Evasion

Sinclair Network

At Sinclair we strive to provide the highest standards of training and ongoing support, working in partnership with our physician customers to deliver patients unparalleled clinical results and industry leading safety standards.

Sinclair Pharma News

Industry News

Sinclair Pharma and Tamer Group KSA announce exciting new partnership in the Middle East

Sinclair Pharmaceuticals Ltds. is delighted to announce its latest partnership in the Middle East with Tamer Group KSA, as its exclusive distributor in Saudi Arabia. Tamer Group is a leading healthcare, beauty care, prestige products, fast-moving consumer goods, and logistics company serving communities throughout the Middle East. We believe this new prestigious partnership with Tamer Group will be servicing the needs within the aesthetics sector of Saudi Arabia with the highest standards and ethics.