SILHOUETTE SOFT® Comprared with Surgical Facelifts

With the number aesthetic treatments rapidly growing every year globally, so has the technology available. Many consumers feel self-conscious of their appearance, with stress from busy lifestyles often making them feel they look older than they are. However, the thought of going under the knife for many is an unpleasant option they would rather avoid.

Silhouette Soft is a minimally invasive treatment, also known as a thread lift, designed to give a natural and refreshed look through a slight elevation and repositioning of the sagging tissue, to a lesser extent and similar to the traditional facelift. But how does Silhouette Soft compare with the long-time established counterpart?

The traditional facelift, clinically known as a Rhytidectomy, involves the patient under full anaesthesia and therefore the patient should be accompanied by someone at the very least to take them home. A surgical facelift requires you to lose weight with this treatment, incisions, pulling the skin back and cutting and stitching the skin in place1. This technique is designed to reduce sagging skin around the lower half of the face and neck, making the face tighter and smoother.

Because of these factors, the procedure must take place in a surgery room to reduce the risk of infection. Following the procedure, the recovery time for a surgical facelift will often take weeks requiring the patient to take time off work.

Due to the invasiveness of the procedure there are a wide variety of potential side effects, you should be aware of when making your decision1.

Silhouette Soft utilises sutures featuring bi-directional cones to reposition sagging tissues. Silhouette Soft is indicated* to treat mild to moderate ptosis (sagging) of the mid-face, lower face and neck, by repositioning of the tissues. This gives an immediate ‘lifting’ effect.
Silhouette Soft provides an added benefit of stimulating type I collagen synthesis in the skin for long-term gradual improvements and tightening2.

If a patient has excessive amounts of sagging tissue and deep folds, Silhouette Soft would not be the treatment of choice. Therefore, selecting the right patient is important for Silhouette Soft to see the best results.

Compared to a surgical facelift, Silhouette Soft has a lower risk of complications, only requires local anaesthesia and there is minimal recovery time.


Surgical FaceliftSilhouette Soft
Procedure timeUp to 3 hours130-90min depending on the number of sutures
Recovery timeUp to 6 weeks3A few days
Risk of serious complicationsYesMinimal

**Surgical facelifts are considered permanent treatments, in that you will continue looking younger years after the procedure. It must be considered, that a facelift does not stop the ageing process and therefore, skin will begin to sag over time4.

*Silhouette Soft is intended to be used for facial reconstruction in the treatment, for instance, of facial lipoatrophy or morphological asymmetry. Silhouette Soft is a resorbable sterile implantable single-use device intended for adult patients and is used in multiple pairs to provide for elevation and compression of facial and neck tissue.

2.Goldberg D et al, Characterisation of human tissue response to injectable Poly-L-lactic acid. Dermatological Surgery 2013; 39:915-922

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