WEM Seoul 2019

SEOUL 2019

8 AND 9 JUNE, 2019

Personalising Aesthetics: Bridging communication between patients and physicians

About the Event

The Sinclair College is proud to present the World Experts Meeting that will be hosted on the 8th and 9th of June in Seoul.

Two days filled with vast amounts of knowledge for you to stay informed with all the latest news, share experiences and create valuable connections. Key opinion leaders from around the world, come together to discuss patient stories and new approaches in the field of aesthetic medicine, for delivering the best results for patient satisfaction.

They will demonstrate facial-rejuvenation procedures using re-absorbable sutures with cones, collagen stimulator, hyaluronic acid whilst also presenting their own experience combining treatments.

Furthermore, advanced live demonstration cases will be shown during the two days with varying level of difficulty, performed by a number of different world experts.


This year the WEM programme has been brought to you with the intention of providing a wealth of different patient typologies. We will share key information and explanations about how different patients respond in the clinic and how to best address their needs, for a successful treatment. Learn about patient care, management of expectations and optimising results for the best patient journey and experience.

We will be hearing from experts from around the world, sharing their patient experiences and how they ensure they respect and understand the patient, to give the best possible patient experience.

We will be featuring 38 session-leaders, specialists in their respective fields, along with an international array of guest speakers, with whom we collaborate with for training and the presentation of courses via our interactive systems.


Receive instant translations into English and Korean. Different lectures and live treatments performed during these two days will be recorded and available on the Sinclair College.
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Foreword by Francisco de Melo, MD

I would like to personally welcome you to Seoul, South Korea.

It is the first time the World Experts Meeting (WEM) 2019, has been held in Asia.

The evolving world of medical cosmetics is an exciting and challenging area to work, and bringing passionate people to WEM, sharing their knowledge and experience, will ensure we remain in the cutting edge.

Improving and transforming the way we act, will continuously develop our abilities and contribute to future innovations and developments of our practices, with distinct advantages to the patients seeking our care.

Francisco de Melo, MD

Sinclair Pharma, as a global company, is committed to develop the product portfolio, refine and improve training standards, and provide first-class partnership & support to physicians. WEM is the result of this commitment combined with data-driven insights, providing a forum for sharing, learning, development and debate which enable physicians to achieve better, consistent and safer results.

Together with experts from different continents and diverse areas of knowledge, we’re looking to raise a stimulating and intensive two-day program filled with lectures, live treatment demonstrations and several interactive roundtables, encouraging different points of view and fruitful discussions. With this innovative programme, physicians will be empowered to have a better understanding of the global medical aesthetic trends, patient behaviour and decision journey in a digital and technological world, without compromising on the paramount need of human care.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Seoul for WEM 2019″

Francisco de Melo

Meet the International Panel of Experts for WEM Seoul 2019

The Experts

We are bringing together internationally renowned professionals to share their experiences and scientific knowledge

The Experts

We are bringing together internationally renowned professionals to share their experiences and scientific knowledge

Alieksiéi Carrijo, MD

Plastic Surgeon, Brazil

Ho Sung Choi, MD

Aesthetic Doctor, South Korea

Sang-Wook Ha, MD

Plastic Surgeon, South Korea

Rami Haidar, MD

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, Saudi Arabia

Duk-Kyu Han, MD

Aesthetic Doctor, South Korea

Seung-Ho Han, Prof.

Anatomist, South Korea

Wilson Ho, MD

Plastic Surgeon, Hong Kong

Kyungkook Hong, MD

Dermatologist, South Korea

Martin Huang, MD

Plastic Surgeon, Singapore

Akiko Imaizumi, MD

Dermatologist, Japan

Jae Yun Jung, MD

Aesthetic Doctor, South Korea

Jae Yoon Jung, MD

Dermatologist, South Korea

Hyoungmoon Kim, MD

Aesthetic Doctor, South Korea

Jisun Kim, MD

Aesthetic Doctor, South Korea

JongSeo Kim, MD

Plastic Surgeon, South Korea

Malavika Kohli, MD

Dermatologist, India

Gordon Ku, MD

Cosmetic Physician, Australia

Hye Seuk Kwon, MD

Aesthetic Doctor, South Korea

Augustin Lacroix

Business Relationship Manager at Next Motion, France

Hwang Heui Lee, MD

Aesthetic Doctor, South Korea

Kyu Yeop Lee, MD

Dermatologist, South Korea

Min Seob Lee, MD

CEO at Eone Diagnostics Genome Center, South Korea

Han Seok Lim, MD

Aesthetic Doctor, South Korea

Tingsong Lim, MD

General Practitioner, Malaysia

Shang-Li Lin, MD

Dermatologist, Taiwan

John Meadows, PhD

Head of Development at Sinclair Pharma, United Kingdom

Francisco de Melo, MD

Plastic Surgeon, Portugal

Pierre Nicolau, MD

Plastic Surgeon, Spain

Franco Vercesi, MD

Plastic Surgeon, Italy

Arnold Young, MD

Aesthetic Doctor, Hong Kong

Dave Baldwin

Global Digital Marketing Manager at Sinclair Pharma, United Kingdom

Céline Tunis

Head of Global Brands Marketing, France



We will be bringing you the best tips for initial patient meetings, and how to sell your clinic above others


Learn how to understand and manage expectations with the different treatment available in the Sinclair portfolio

WEM Seoul 2019 is a must-see event.
Don’t miss out!

This exclusive event will be hosted at:
The COEX Convention & Exhibition Center
513 Yeongdong-daero, Samseong 1(il)-dong
South Korea

Before and After Challenge

This year the WEM programme has been brought with the intention of providing a wealth of different treatment techniques. We will dedicate the necessary time to share key insights and explanations of the products and techniques to treat specific areas. The upper, middle and lower face treatments will be discussed as well as profile, lips, neck and hand treatments.

WEM event will be featuring worldwide 31 speakers, 19 of them have never been on stage at WEM so far. We will get more than 38 lectures each of them showing all the opportunities provided by Sinclair portfolio to treat specific indications either with one product or with a combined treatment in order to better meet physicians and patient expectations. And last, but not least, 5 advanced live demos will be performed during the 2 days with varying level of difficulty.

WEM 2019 before and after picture contest 

€ 290*
tax included

*Price includes Meeting Entrance, Coffee Breaks, Lunch and the Gala Dinner

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